Permanent Link to How To Fix Your Xbox 360’s Red Ring E79 Error Code


If there is any problem with your Xbox 360, then the LEDs in the red ring of light will flash in specific patterns to give you insights into what the problem really is. Some hardware failures also lead to secondary error codes or E-Codes to the displayed on the screen. If you have the E79 error code flash on your screen, then your Xbox 360 has either a corrupter file system or a hard drive problem that needs to be fixed. Thankfully, it only takes a few simple steps to fix the problem.

Steps to Fix Xbox 360 Red Ring E79 error code problem:

1. Find where the hard drive is located in your Xbox 360. If you are console is lying down, then the hard drive will be placed on the left hand side of your console.

2. Make sure that your Xbox 360 is unplugged and all cables have been removed.

3. If you have installed any memory units in your Xbox 360, then remove it before you proceed to the next step.

4. It is safe to remove the hard drive from the console now. Press the eject button placed near the hard drive to free it from its locked position. Then take out the hard drive.

5. Once the hard drive is removed, plug all the cables back to your Xbox 360 and the TV.

6. Start your Xbox 360 now. The error code should no longer appear on the screen.

7. Now, put back the hard drive and ensure that it is locked in its place firmly.

8. Restart the console again. If there is no problem with your hard disk, then the error code would no longer appear. However, in case the same Xbox 360 red ring E79 error code problem happens, then your Xbox 360 hard drive has become corrupted and is no longer working.

You can still play games on your Xbox 360 without a hard drive, but you will not be able to install any downloadable content or save games until you replace your hard drive.

However, before you replace your hard drive, here are a few things that you can do to make sure that you really need to buy a new one.

1. Clear all console cache and install game updates

To do this, you need to go into your system settings, select memory, and then select the hard disk symbol. Once you are in the hard disk menu, you need to press these buttons in sequence: X X Left Right X X. A message will pop up asking you whether you want to perform system maintenance on your storage devices. Select yes.

2. Next, you need to clear any failed system updates that could have caused the error

To do this, press and hold the sync up button when your console is switched off; it is a small white button. Then, switch on your console while holding that button. Continue holding it until the console is completely booted and the dashboard appears. The console would’ve automatically cleared any failed system updates during the boot process.

If the E79 error code still appears on your screen despite all the steps outlined above, then you need to replace your Xbox 360’s hard drive with a working model. Nevertheless, keep in mind that opening your console will void its warranty. Hence, it’s better that you take your Xbox 360 to a service center if it is still under warranty.